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Urquart Castle

Urquart Castle on Loch Ness.

This page is dedicated to all of the places I've been and the people/groups I've met, lived with, and been touched by.  I won't have every name, but I hope those of you whom I've met will forgive me.
Caribbean Cruise 1981 -- I was about 12 years old.  I went with my family.  We hit the Yucatan Peninsula and the pyramids and the waterfalls in Jamaica.  It was a good time, but I was too young to appreciate all of the things I saw and people I met. Australia 1986 -- When I was 16, I joined Youth for Understanding and spent a year in Australia as an exchange student.  (Thank you Alan and Mavis Watkins for everything you did for me while living with you.)  I lived outside of Melbourne in a town called Seaford, just north of Frankston.  I went to Peninsula Church of England school.  I was a little leery of going to a private, all boys school, but had a great time.  Things have changed a lot since I was there.  It is now co-ed.

Through the school, I went Kayaking, camping and orienteering in some amazing places.  I learned a little bit too.

While there, I hung out with a great group of students from school and the Y.U.C. group.  I wonder what they are all doing now?  Pete Beast was probably the most colorful friend I had, but there were many others, Nikki especially, that miss.

While in Australia, I spent a week traveling the outback by bus with other exchange students.  We went through Adelaide to Coober Pedy, Alice Springs and Ayers Rock.  We pitched tents every night and had a great time. 

Costa Rica 1992 -- After graduating from college, I joined the Peace Corps and went to Costa Rica.  Unfortunately, I didn't finish my term because of medical problems, but did get to meet many great people.  families I stayed with in Santo Domingo and Alajuela stay in my heart.
Scotland 2003 -- We stayed in Lochanholly Resort in Carr Bridge in the highlands and Visited as many places as we could.  We spent a day shopping in Inverness.  Hit the thrift stores and the kilt shops that do rentals.  You can pick up some great deals on kilts, accessories and clothes.

We went to Loch Ness and Urquart Castle.  It was amazing to go through the castle ruins and see in person things that I've read about.  Picturing the living conditions in the castle 500 years ago is now possible for me.  My perceptions have changed.

We stayed in the Speyside area, which is the main part of the Whiskey Trail.  I learned a lot about Scottish Whiskey and have a new appreciation about Scotch. 

For those of you who don't like the hard stuff so much, but like Baileys Irish Cream, If you ever get a chance to try Heather Cream: it is even better.  Irish Cream is made with Irish Whiskey, cream and caramel.  Heather Cream is made from Scottish Whiskey, cream and Chocolate.  We found it at Tomatin Distillery.  They don't make it, but they sell it.


U.S.A. -- Most of my life.  I've lived in Indiana, Ohio and, currently, Washington State.  I've traveled about 75 percent of the US including Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, California, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washinton D.C. and a small bit of Idaho and Maryland. Canada -- I've been to Canada twice.  I took a day trip up to Vancouver, just to see it.  I also took a 4 day weekend trip up to Whistler in the summer.  It was a good time.  We shopped, Zip-Trekked and relaxed.  It was  a good time.